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Everything changes the moment you become a Dad, it is suddenly all about them. Worrying about the needs of your family becomes top priority, and all too often the only priority.
However, to take care of our families and be the best Dads possible we need to take care of ourselves. It may feel that life is too hectic for healthy eating, exercise, or friends. The truth is life becomes less hectic when you find balance, and that starts with YOU. Maintaining sanity and taking care of yourself must be a priority.

Before creating The Dad Habit we searched for the answer, but there were no reliable resources to help fathers balance family, health, and a social life. So we did what any Dad would do…We asked our wives, and they gave us permission. We at The Dad Habit have built a community of like-minded fathers who want to get healthy for themselves and their families, be the best possible dads they can be, and share their experiences through this crazy journey. We are helping Dads create this amazing life is by making small, sustainable changes focused on achieving our ultimate goal; being the best fathers we can be.




It starts with you

Have you ever lost your breath while trying to play with your kids or told them "no" because you couldn't keep up?  Lost your temper with your partner because you feel overwhelmed or exhausted?  Putting yourself on the back-burner to meet the needs and expectations of others?

You're not alone!  

It happens to all Dads on different levels at one time or another.  Here at The Dad Habit, we're teaching Dads how to take care of themselves.  From exercise and healthy eating to coping with stress and the challenges of fatherhood, we're helping take care of your mind, body, and spirit to build confidence and reclaim our identity.

Being a better father, husband, & Friend

As you develop the healthy habits to feel great about yourself you'll see it trickle over to the relationships with your family and friends.  But growing up is a lot different today and understanding your kids latest snapchat or bitmoji can be a full-time job.  And watching the latest episode of "This Is Us" on the couch eventually loses its romantic appeal.

Here at The Dad Habit we'll help you understand what your kids are going through at different stages of their lives.  And when you do have some alone time we'll help you reconnect with the person who made you want to have those kids in the first place. 

Support from a brotherhood of experienced dads  

Remember the last time you had the chance to hang out with the guys?  Yeah, we didn't either.  It's hard to justify going to get a drink and watching the game when you're so strapped for time as it is.  But here at The Dad Habit we've got a team of Dads to help deal with all the challenges of fatherhood.  We can help you sort through all the conflicting advice you've been given in the past or deal with a complicated in-law.  You can discuss your issues with Dads who have been through the same situations, or figure it out together.

And with multiple Dads helping tackle the issues of everyday life, we'll have time for a few beers and dad jokes along the way.

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The Dad Hab 12 Week Program

Newton's first law of motion says that an object in motion will stay in motion until acted upon by an opposite force.  With children this rule does not apply.  They move in perpetual motion each day and as a Dad you have to keep up.  If you've ever felt yourself lagging behind or struggling, you're not alone.  We've all found ourselves dragging after a day of work, too tired to get on the floor to play with your kids, forget about spending quality time with your wife.  Fortunately we're here to help.

The Dad Habit 12 Week Program isn't a "quick-fix" or "magic pill" that's going to change your life overnight.  It's a foundation for fatherhood.  It's a journey for Dads, like yourself, who want to be the best Dads they can be.  And taking care of your family means taking care of yourself.  So that's where we start.  During the program you'll receive:

  • at-home workout programs that don't require hours at the gym. All it takes is 20-minutes of moving that you can do anywhere. 

  • easy to prepare recipes that require just a few ingredients and little prep time. 

  • individualized goal setting techniques and accountability tools.

  • Strategies to help you optimize your time at home and at the office.

  • Tips to communicate better with your family.

  • And you'll probably meet some great dads in the process!

Our goal is to help you feel more energetic and better about yourself so you can share that with your family. But the best part of our community is YOU!  All of our Dads know what it's like to deal with the stresses of modern day fatherhood.  We help motivate each other and make sure we all stay accountable.  Whether it's helping hit fitness goals, talking about the next step for our kids, or just finding someone to talk about the game our community is here to help.  Interested in joining our next program?  Just click the button below to join an upcoming group.  We're starting new flights all the time.  We can't wait to see you at The #DadHab.

Frank (Ellie and Max's Dad) & Joe (Maddox's Dad)

Dad Habit is reinventing what it means to be a fit, healthy dad. When you are physically fit, you feel great and have more energy in all areas of your life. Highly recommend Dad Habit and their quick / simple workouts that can fit into even the most hectic daily routine.
— Dan Sevigny (Business Owner Brooklyn, NY)
Great guys with great advice for everyday dads to be the best they can be for their families!
— James (Father of 2 Cincinnati, OH)
Real dads. Genuine support. Helping you be the best dad you can be.
— Mike (Father of 2 El Paso, TX)
Honest conversations with fellow Dads from near and far. I’ve only met a couple of them but feel comfortable conversing with all of them.
— Victor (Father of 2 Boston, MA)
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About Us

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Frank Rizzo

(Ellie & Max's Dad)

Frank's journey as a health and fitness professional began more than 10 years ago when he graduated college with a bachelor’s degree in health and wellness. While working as a personal trainer and an EMT with the FDNY he learned that most people are well intentioned and truly want a better quality of life, however are unaware of the steps necessary to become the best version of themselves. He soon after started a personal training business, with a main goal of teaching that health and fitness can be attained without it taking over your life.

As a business owner, husband, and father of two Frank understands the time management challenges that many of us face. Over the course of his career he has developed and refined a program based on small incremental changes that help busy fathers foster a more healthy and fit life without turning their world upside down. Over the last 10 years Frank has helped change the lives of countless individuals using this philosophy.

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                 Joe Mauceri                  (Maddox's Dad)

As a reporter in New York City, Joe got a firsthand look at so many of the issues fathers face today.  From the financial collapse in 2008, which heavily impacted male dominated jobs, to the national debate over paternity leave these issues have changed the landscape for Dads.  Joe was raised in Brooklyn, New York by his mother, but he had no shortage of father figures.  Between five uncles and a devoted step-dad there were plenty of men to learn from and each had their own area to shine.

Joe is the co-owner of BIB Media and is currently working on the documentary "Defining Dad" which addresses the question "what does it mean to be a modern dad?"

In 2016, Joe received the best Christmas gift a guy could ask for when his son Maddox was born.  Together the two can be found singing their ABC's or watching Billions on Showtime.