Our Story


Everything changes the moment you become a Dad, it is suddenly all about them. Worrying about the needs of your family becomes top priority, and all too often the only priority.
However, to take care of our families and be the best Dads possible we need to take care of ourselves. It may feel that life is too hectic for healthy eating, exercise, or friends. The truth is life becomes less hectic when you find balance, and that starts with YOU. Maintaining sanity and taking care of yourself must be a priority.

Before creating The Dad Habit we searched for the answer, but there were no reliable resources to help fathers balance family, health, and a social life. So we did what any Dad would do…We asked our wives, and they gave us permission. We at The Dad Habit have built a community of like-minded fathers who want to get healthy for themselves and their families, be the best possible dads they can be, and share their experiences through this crazy journey. We are helping Dads create this amazing life is by making small, sustainable changes focused on achieving our ultimate goal; being the best fathers we can be.