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Let me be the first to congratulate you.  The hard part is over! 

You're probably thinking, "That's awesome, but I haven't done anything."

Well, you'd be wrong!  You have done something to get here, to be reading this now.  Maybe you submitted your e-mail.  Maybe you clicked a link.  Whatever it was, you did something to set the wheels in motion that lead you here to start the journey to becoming the best Dad you can be.

A Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu said, "The journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step". The Journey of parenthood comes with a lot more miles, but it starts the same way.

While we're quoting great philosophers, let's not forget the wise Yoda who said, "Do, or do not.  There is no try."

Well right now YOU are doing.  YOU are a doer!  Don't forget that.  Carry that with you everyday of this program and throughout fatherhood.  When you're sitting on the couch thinking about starting one of our 20-minute workouts, STOP THINKING!  START DOING!  When you tell yourself you're going to "try" to cook a healthy dinner, don't

We spend so much time waiting for conditions to be perfect before we start something.  The truth is there's no such thing as the perfect time.  It's just like before you became a father.  Sure, it might have been better to wait for that raise, or a bigger house, but then you find out you're going to be a Dad and you figure it out.  You're taking that first step whether you're ready or not.

So, congratulations and thank you for starting this journey with us!  You've taken the first step, now get ready for the next one.  We want you to start inviting others on your journey.  Is there another Dad that could help you along this journey?  Send that person a text message or e-mail and invite them along.

Or tell your wife/partner/significant other about the journey you're starting and ask them to participate however they'd like.  They could be your workout buddy, your cooking partner, or just help to hold you accountable by cheering you on as you set and reach new goals.

Let your kids know what you're starting regardless of how old they are.  Share your experiences with them and give them ways to get involved in the kitchen, in your fitness, in your education.  They'll be just as excited about it as you are.

It doesn't matter what action you take, as long as you DO SOMETHING. Don't wait!  Take two minutes and do it RIGHT NOW.  After all, YOU ARE A DOER!  You've already taken the first step.