The $100 Home Gym


You don’t need to break the bank and join some fancy gym to get a great workout. Besides, who has time to get to the gym most days? For $100 you can get all the equipment you need to get a great workout at home anytime you want. Here’s the equipment we recommend to get you started.

25-LB Kettlebell $35

A kettlebell is an awesome piece of equipment for your home gym because you can do all of the classic workouts you’re used to and add some variety too. From curls, presses, and squats to kettlebell swings and rows there’s so much variety you can work into your routine with one of these.

Pull-Up Bar $25

Pull-ups are a great workout for your entire upper body. You can vary your grip to work your lats, center back, biceps, and forearms. They’re also a great measure of overall fitness. This bar requires no installation and easily goes up and down to keep the wife happy.

Jump Rope $10

Cardio is important. Running or bike riding can get boring. Using a jump rope is a great change of pace. It’s portable, will get your heart rate up quickly, and is great for balance and coordination. And if you struggle at first, you can get your kids to show you how it’s done!

Exercise Band $20

With the right resistance you can do just about any exercise with a band or you can add a little extra tension to your body weight workouts. They’re great to take on the road so you never have an excuse not to get that workout in.

Foam Roller $10

These are great before, during, and after your workout. A foam roller can help you relieve muscle soreness, improve flexibility, and add a balance component to your routine. Best of all your kids will love rolling around on it with you the second they see how much fun you’re having. (A warning: if you’ve never foam rolled before it will be a little painful at first. Find the tension, breathe through it and you’ll be feeling great before you know it.)

Towels $0

Doesn’t have to be an actual towel, old t-shirts work great too. You need something that’s going to let you slide across the floor under your hands or feet. Use some pledge on them to amp up the workout and clean your floors at the same time!