Change it up!

Lets be honest, Working out can get monotonous and boring. Especially when you don’t have specific goals. Either because you have already accomplished your goals and are currently just maintaining or because your working out to feel better with no defined goals. 


This happens to me periodically. I get bored with my workout program. I get lazy and stuck in a workout rut. It usually happens around this time of year. Its cold and dreary, with way too much time spent indoors.

I find the best way to get out of that rut is by training for something specific. Pick a goal, create a program and start moving. It can be anything; lose weight, gain weight, strength goals, run a race. Anything to shake it up.

I usually choose an obstacle course race. It gets me running (which i don’t do much of in the winter) and I need to change my workout program dramatically to prepare for it. It also gives me a specific timeline. If i don’t train for it, I am going too be exhausted and I won’t have fun on race day. 

Another great option is to completely change it up. Choose a form or exercise you have never done before and give it a shot. If you are a weightlifting kind of guy, give yoga a try. If you are a runner, try strength training. The best way to accomplish a strong well balanced body is to do a little bit of everything. 

Get out there and explore a fitness option that will once again get you excited about your health and fitness.