Morning Routines

Joe's Morning Routine


Frank's Morning Routine

Every morning starts out the same way for me. Wake up at between 4:00-4:30 (depending on what time I am meeting my first client), get dressed, meditate for 5 minutes, Coffee, 2 eggs on a slice of whole wheat bread, 3 minutes of both practicing gratitude and positive affirmations while driving to the train, finally creating my daily to do list while on the subway.  It has taken some time, but now it takes zero energy to get it done every day. It is completely committed to habit. 

I'm not saying these are the things everyone should do every morning. We are all different, with different schedules and goals. But I strongly believe we should all have a consistent, healthy morning routine. That first hour you are awake can easily dictate the entire day. The benefits can have a positive effect on every aspect of your life.

1. Health: Eating a healthy breakfast will help wake you up, jump start your metabolism, and get your brain firing on all cylinders. Eating well in the morning makes it far more likely that you will continue making healthy choices throughout the day. It will also help to regulate blood sugar levels so you aren’t exhausted and as reliant on that cup of joe.

2. Productivity: Planning the day ahead will help you prioritize what needs to get done, and what realistically can get done. I suggest dialing in on the 3 most important tasks that must get done that day. This is something I struggle with on occasion, I tend to get over ambitious with what I can get done in a day. Setting unrealistic goals for yourself can lead to additional stress that is completely self-imposed. Be realistic with your daily goals. I have a friend who uses the “rule of 3”. 3 monthly goals, 3 weekly goals, 3 daily tasks. No more, no less. That works well for him, I think I am going to give that a shot.

3.Exercise: Getting a workout done in the AM has amazing benefits to your body and mind. This is something I don’t currently do, 4:30AM is early enough. I find the best time for me for workout is in the afternoon, only because it works best with my schedule. However, we all would benefit from a morning workout. The satisfaction of getting it done is a great feeling. Exercise stimulates brain function; improving creativity, focus, memory, and patience. Don’t forget the reduction in stress knowing the workout is done and you don’t have to think about it again.

4.Stress: Running around, racing the clock in the morning is stressful. Starting everyday like this is hardwiring you for a stressful day. Finding ways to reduce stress in the morning will help you reduce stress throughout the day. It doesn’t have to be meditation. Maybe it's that workout or siting up in bed to take 5 deep controlled breathes. It could be giving yourself 10 minutes to read the paper. Whatever it is you do to start your day from a less stressed place will help you physically, physically, and emotionally. 

Think about your morning routine. What healthy changes can you make that will fit into your life? Choose 1, commit to it and start creating that healthy morning routine.