Something Is Better Than Nothing

For me, consistent workouts are a challenge.  Between my wife, 2 kids, and a business it is nearly impossible to get daily workouts in. 

I give myself what I perceive as realistic expectations, I aim for four workouts per week, with a minimum being three. That expectation is different for everyone. When first starting out, one day per week may be a challenge. Set that goal and get it done. When that becomes part of life, add a day. After a few months, that healthily lifestyle won't feel like a chore.

Usually, my workouts are not perfect. I usually get one or two gym workouts in per week. The rest are done at home with a 5 and 2 year old hanging all over me. But they get done. 


Just last week, after the holidays and a crazy week at work, I hadn’t  been as active as I would have liked. I knew I had to get something done after the kids were finally in bed. While watching some tv with my wife, I did push-ups and pull-ups. Going back and forth between the two doing as many reps as I could until I hit 200 push-ups and 100 pull-ups. It took more sets than I would have liked, but it got done, something got done.

It may not have been a perfect workout, but it was far better than the classic “I’ll do it tomorrow”. The more often that workout gets pushed back, the easier it gets to push it. The more often we make excuses for ourselves the easier it is to make more and fall back into that sedentary lifestyle. 

The act of developing and maintaining the habit of regular exercise is frequently more important than the actual program. Be flexible with the workouts. If squat day gets canceled because of a sick kid or a terrible commute, increase you physical activity in some way. Go for a walk, do a quick body weight workout at home, stretch while watching tv. Check out The Dad Habit on facebook to try one or our many quick workouts.

I find it so important for my health and sanity to make sure I get something active done on days I plan to exercise. Remember, something is always better than nothing.