Choose Commitment

This month is all about commitment.  But so many times that seems like a dirty word, an obligation. Commitment can seem overwhelming because we think of it as never-ending, so we give up.  We give up on our diet, we give up on our partners, we give up on ourselves.  Today we are going to change that by realizing one simple thing: commitment is a choice.


Although it may seem like it, it's not a choice we make once.  Commitment is a choice we make over and over again.  That consistent choice means YOU are in control.  When you're changing your diet the choice to eat more vegetables is one you have to make with every meal and with every trip to the grocery store. But choosing to break that diet is also a choice.  Every time you choose junk food you're making a choice.  The bottom line is YOU are in control.

So as you commit to being the best Dad you can be, think about why you're choosing that commitment.  You're choosing that commitment for your kids.  You're choosing that commitment for your partner.  You're choosing that commitment for yourself.  But YOU ARE CHOOSING.  

What are you choosing to commit to today?  Why are you choosing that commitment?  Share your choices with us in the comments below.